Swedish PM now to curb migrant labor coming to country, wants to put unemployed first……


Too little too late.

Now after totally destroying his country, the Swedish PM seeks to cut foreign labor migration because, wait for it, to take care of the unemployed. He should have thought about his citizens (which is the primary function of government) first.

Swedish PM seeks to cut inflow of foreign workers

Sweden’s prime minister wants to curb labour migration to the Scandinavian country to provide more jobs for its own unemployed, including refugees accepted in recent years.

“Jobs that require little or no education will first be filled by the unemployed who are already in our country,” Social Democratic leader Stefan Löfven told reporters in Stockholm.


A country of almost ten million people, Sweden took in 244,000 asylum seekers in 2014 and 2015, the highest number per capita in Europe. Figures have since dropped to fewer than 30,000 in 2016, following tighter borders and asylum rules.


“It’s unreasonable for us to have a labour migration that consists of dishwashers (and) restaurant employees when we have capable people who have arrived here as refugees,” Löfven added.


“The first thing we will do is to emphasize that everyone who can work will work,” the 59-year-old leader said as he presented the Social Democrats’ programme for its party congress in April when it will lay the foundations for its 2018 election campaign.


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