Islamonazis Muslim Brotherhood MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD IN AMERICA

US: Public funded NPR pimps puff piece on Muslim Brotherhood which Trump might list as terror org……..


Once again thug Muslim movements are given kudos/veneer of credibility for handing out social services.

Well Al Capone did the same in the city of Chicago, handing out milk to school children, opened up soup kitchens etc., is anyone going to dare deny that he was ultimately a danger and detriment to society? These are dangerous Islamonazis and their willing media lackeys in the West are ignoramus stooges and pose a danger to us all as well by pandering to their well oiled propaganda.

Muslim Brotherhood, Mainstream In Many Countries, May Be Listed As Terrorist Group

It’s a chilly midmorning in a clinic in the working-class neighborhood of Sweileh in Amman, Jordan. Children wearing winter coats donated by charity organizations sit on plastic chairs, waiting to see doctors and dentists.


Pamphlets in the clinic, published by the Muslim Brotherhood, offer advice on being a good Muslim and instruction on how to pray. But it’s not really religion that brings people here.


“They come here mainly because they only pay a symbolic amount for treatment … and all the medication is free,” says clinic supervisor Aisha Radwan.


Outside an Amman charity founded by the Muslim Brotherhood and now run by the Jordanian government, a sign lists medical services and benefits given to poor families. The brotherhood has built a large support base in Jordan by filling in gaps in government services.


Jane Arraf/NPR

The patients are mostly refugees and Jordanian orphans. The clinic is one of dozens in a charity network founded by the Muslim Brotherhood and now run by the Jordanian government. The clinic even received support from the U.S. Agency for International Development, which funded its renovation three years ago.


In the U.S., the Trump administration is considering designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization — a move that would be welcomed by Egypt, which has had a complicated history with the organization, and several other countries. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Syria also consider the group a terrorist organization, accusing it of trying to topple existing governments.


But in Jordan, one of the strongest American allies in the region, the Muslim Brotherhood’s charitable activities have made it part of the fabric of mainstream society. The organization’s political wing is the biggest bloc in the Jordanian Parliament.


The movement also has members of Parliament in another U.S. ally, Tunisia, and in Bahrain, where the U.S. maintains military bases.


“The brotherhood is everywhere in the world where there are Muslims,” says Murad Adeleih, spokesman for the Islamic Action Front, the organization’s Amman-based political wing.


He says the Muslim Brotherhood is a peaceful civil society organization operating in 92 countries. It officially renounced violence decades ago. Leaders say there are few operational links between its organizations in different countries, but the central tenet they share is promoting Islamic thought and ideals.


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