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Finnish prison system wants internet use for foreign inmates due to sharp rise in numbers…….


Great, what could possibly go wrong…..

Whoever thought of this idea should be run out on a rail……

The central idea behind the increase in digital services is the so-called principle of normality, meaning that life in prison should resemble life on the outside as much as possible. With all of Finnish mainstream society living in the digital age, prisons are obliged to do the same.

Rise in foreign inmates increases need for digital leap in prisons

A 56-percent increase in the number of foreign prisoners in the last decade has caused Finnish detention facilities to develop their electronic communicating capacity. Digital services have been piloted in prisons for some six months.


The proportion of foreign inmates in Finnish prisons has increased by 56 percent in the past decade. The rise is related to the prison system’s ongoing digital leap, which is currently in its pilot phase following a 2015 legislative amendment.


Services such as video phone calls, email, online banking and applying for work or housing through the internet are under development.


The first computers intended for such use were instated in prison units last November and December, and all Finnish prisons will likely have the necessary hardware by May this year. Laptops and digital services have been tested in Oulu Prison for two months.


Deputy prison director Tapio Iinatti from Oulu says that difficulties in arranging supervision have limited the use of computers for online use. However, the demand for such a service is real, he says.


“Banking is probably the most called-for service,” Iinatti says. “But we’ve been aware that Skype connections may soon be relevant, especially relating to foreign inmates.”


Problems such as acquiring Skype IDs and poor connections to other countries persist, the deputy director says.


In 2016 the proportion of foreign inmates was 17.2 percent, rising slowly but surely in previous years. Today 20-30 percent of prisoners in Oulu are non-Finnish, even more in Riihimäki at 30-40 percent.


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  1. At least when we get arrested for critizising Islam we’ll get emails and facebook.Would not want to miss tundratabloids do we?

  2. Finland in line for Dhimmi State of the year?

    What the Muslim wants the Muslim gets.

    I wonder what our forefathers would have thought about the cowards and dolts running the State?

  3. Just out of curiosity, what determines which prison a convict goes to? Is a person in Oulu prison because he committed his crime in or near Oulu or could he have been sent there from anywhere in Finland? I ask because going by wikipedia’s numbers, in 2007 only about ~1% of Oulu’s population consisted of foreigners. Also, are the two prisons mentioned (Oulu and Riihimäki) meant to house people convicted of more serious crimes (eg rape, murder)?

    Either way, this is the second time in a month that YLE has shed light on the vast over-representation of foreigners in Finnish crime. I suspect when most Finns read these pieces all but the most politically indoctrinated know that it’s not Estonians (the single largest contingent of foreigners in Finland) who are committing these crimes. Do the Finnish people have a secret ally on the inside?

    1. Good question, I believe the court system sends prisoners to jails under their regional jurisdiction. I’m not entirely certain but that’s how I understand it.

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