Trump’s pick for US ambassador to the EU calls the political entity ‘undemocratic’…….


I find this a reassuring sign that not all US politicians are hoodwinked by the tyrannical EU.

Truth be told, the EU is exactly the kind of legislative tyranny the Founders and Framers of the US and its Constitution worried about and strove to obstruct by placing numerous roadblocks (the straitjacket on government) in their new founding document.

Donald Trump EU ambassador pick launches blistering attack on ‘undemocratic’ European Union

Posted On: 14th February 2017

The frontrunner to become US ambassador to the EU has further fuelled speculation that Donald Trump’s administration would like to see the breakup of the European Union.


In an exclusive article for our sister site The Parliament magazine Ted Malloch said the bloc has become “undemocratic and bloated” by bureaucracy and “rampant anti-Americanism”.


Mr Malloch suggested it would be “against” the United States’ national interest to promote the EU on its current trajectory towards a “socialist, protectionist, United States of Europe”.


And he called for each member state to put their values of democracy and freedom to the test by holding referendums on EU membership.


In January President Trump hailed Brexit as a “blessing to the world” that would “end up being a fantastic thing for the United Kingdom”.


It came after he caused a stir in Brussels by attacking the European Union as a “vehicle for Germany” that other nations would leave.


Mr Malloch, who is the President’s pick to become US ambassador to Brussels, said it was time to “re-evaluate” America’s relationship with Europe.


He accused the “globalist elite” in the EU of being “detached from the people and therefore entirely anti-European”.


And he argued that Brussels “openly works against US interests abroad”, including in the Middle East, Israel, Cuba and the United Nations and warned that President Trump was “on watch – and looking”.


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