Sweden Democrats

Sweden Democrats win question after question and more voters than any other party…..


All this after being demonized in every thinkable way…..

Sticking to the issues, not letting the irrational political elite and their bag-bog media lackeys control the debate, the SD party keeps racking up voters that the other parties have treated with smug contempt.

NOTE: Too bad the Finns Party has imploded thanks to Timo Soini’s inept handling of the Muslim settler crisis, loving his short termed position as Foreign Minister than being faithful to his base support. The Finns are now in fifth place where they were once in second place in the polls, the first shift I noticed was Soini’s ditching UKIP’s anti-EU stance and throwing in with the mainstream elitist parties in the EU.

Aftonbladet / Inizio: SD wins question after question

Sweden Democrats cuts like a razor through public opinion. According to Aftonbladet / Inizio own party three of the eight issues. That’s more than any other party.

This is the most frightening poll I have read in my entire life. The show with the strength, breadth and scope of the Sweden Democrats will take place in Swedish opinion. They shove with inexorable force the other parties to the policy’s suburbs. They are afraid that they understand that they are doing something wrong, but not what. This leads to paralysis. They are no longer a Single-issue politics if anyone believed it. More and more people think that SD is the best policy in other policy areas.

Do most issues by all parties

At the last election took Sweden Democrats refugee and immigration. Since then they have taken over the care of the elderly from the Social Democrats and the defense of the Conservatives . SD owns the most substantive of all parliamentary parties. Second place is the Conservatives who according voters have the best policy for the economy and for jobs. The Social Democrats, Liberals and the Centre takes only a matter was. Really serious is the situation for the Christian Democrats and the Green Party who do not own a single political subject matter. It does not do the Left either, but they make it anyway. It goes a long way for them to exploit the discontent left. SD thus takes three times as many issues as the country’s largest and the modern era’s most influential party. And more than the second largest party.

The next election bloodshed

It is enormously startling. Strategists should immediately devise a basic emergency plan if they want to avoid that the next election will be a bloodbath. However, it may already be too late. Sweden Democrats hold in Swedish public opinion is far more extensive than väljarbarometrarna, which measures the support for parties, gives the impression of.

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