– The Washington Times – Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Iraqi citizens along the outskirts of Mosul are telling coalition forces of the torturous existence they lived for the past two years under the Islamic State group.

Kurdish peshmerga, Iraqi forces and Shiite militias that are tightening a military noose around Islamic State in a city of 1.5 million people are running across thousands of grateful villagers. Residents of Faziliya said suicide bombings, lashings for seemingly trivial religious offenses and executions for owning cellphones have been a way of life.

“Sometimes [Islamic State terrorists] would just show up in a village around here wearing a suicide belt and blow himself up,” Assad Ali Hassan, 45, said Monday, The Wall Street Journal reported. “They would get small children like this to flog grown men in public. They would slide a pen into your beard, and if it didn’t stay, if it fell out because the beard wasn’t long enough, you would get lashings.

Others said that women with exposed hands were subjected to show trials that ended with an Islamic State judge biting their extremities as punishment.

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