Separated at birth?

I say that they forced him to resign, being disgusted with what he did to Tommy’s family.

Check out @TRobinsonNewEra’s Tweet: //twitter.com/TRobinsonNewEra/status/800806932793688064?s=


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  1. McLoone’s resignation statement is a further disgrace: in it he claims that “events have continued to escalate and the safety of staff and the families of staff (both in the workplace and outside) have been put at risk.”. He then goes on to say – “…I hope that Mr Robinson will be able to…..allow all the staff and families of staff at Taylor Walton to continue with their personal and work commitments without feeling any threat to their safety.”
    This is not an apology – it is libel ! McLoone clearly intends readers of this statement to understand that Tommy Robinson is responsible for Taylor Woodrow staff and their families being “put at risk.”
    I very much hope that his solicitors are taking note of this as part of a civil claim against McLoone, and that the Crown Prosecution Service will bring criminal charges relating to the disclosure of Mr Robinson’s home address.

  2. Whoops – “Taylor Woodrow” in para 2 should of course have said “Taylor Walton”.
    (Taylor Woodrow are a very well-known, long-established, and respectable company, not be confused with a firm of solicitors working out of a dingy back-street in Luton – coincidentally I know Alma Street well.)

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