Just like Saddam’s army upon evacuating from Kuwait……

Apocalyptic scenes as fleeing ISIS fighters bomb Iraqi town’s pipelines leaving rivers of oil and streets on fire

A boy stands near oil spill from wells, set ablaze by Islamic State militants before fleeing the oil-producing region of Qayyara, in Qayyara, Iraq, August 29, 2016

The Islamic militants are being pushed further and further back by Iraqi solders, but are leaving a trail of destruction as they retreat

Fleeing ISIS fighters tried to raze an Iraqi town to the ground by flooding the streets with oil and setting it alight.

The murderous jihadists had been forced to retreat from Qayyara by Iraqi soldiers, in the latest US-backed push towards Mosul in the north of the country.

But as they fled, ISIS bombed pipelines and set fire to nearby oil wells, creating an endless cloud of black smoke that blocked out the sun and left the town shrouded in darkness.

The Iraq military’s official Twitter account posted images of the aftermath, showing the streets of Qayyara flooded with black oil, some of them on fire.

The apocalyptic scenes brought back imagery from the 1991 Persian Gulf War, when Iraqi military forces torched Kuwaiti oil wells while retreating from advancing coalition forces.

Abdel Aziz Saleh, a 25-year-old Qayyara resident told Reuters: “They are suffocating us.

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