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Erasing themselves with each year’s passing……

They count only from  0 to 6…..because the number is much much higher from 0 to 18.¨, and all those missing muslim settler ”children”, well the numbers go up exponentially.

Fifth of Helsinki region children now of foreign origin

The capital region has quickly become more international over the past few decades, as shown by the fact that in 1990 less than 1 percent of under school-age children had parents who were from outside of Finland.

Lapsia karusellissä.

Nearly 20 percent of young children in and around Helsinki have parents who came to Finland from another country. Image: Ismo Pekkarinen / AOP

About every fifth child in the Helsinki region (19.1 percent) is of foreign origin, meaning that both of a child’s parents are originally from a country other than Finland – most commonly from Estonia, Russia, the former USSR and Somalia.

The rate of internationalisation in the capital region has been fairly brisk; in the year 1990 less than 1 percent of children under 6 with non-Finnish parents lived there. The 10-percent mark was overtaken in 2006.

On Friday, Statistics Finland published new information which shows that at the end of last year the total proportion of all 0-6-year-old Finns with foreign backgrounds was 8 percent.

The stats also show that immigrants are most likely to settle in and around Helsinki; more than half of those of foreign extraction live in the Uusimaa region. The largest proportion municipally is in Vantaa, at nearly 16 percent.

Of those children with non-Finnish parents 44 percent were from European countries, while African and Asian backgrounds figured at around 27 percent each.


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