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That’s the “M.O.” of the followers Mo….

Then the woman apologizes for the wording (not the content) and says all relifgions are private, which is false, Islam is a very public square ideology. Daniel Greenfield reminds us that since Islamic female garb is there to distinguish followers of the faith from the rest, so their women folk do not get molested, it no longer can be deeemed a private issue.

Woman who mocked burka goes into hiding after Muslim thugs offer bounty for her murder

A JOURNALIST has faced a barrage of chilling rape and death threats after criticising the burka – forcing her to go into hiding.


Lejla ColakSG•GETTY

Journalist Lejla Colak wrote a controversial article mocking the burka

In a controversial article, Lejla Colak said forcing women to wear the Islamic headscarf was like forcing them to strap a sex toy to their heads.

Twisted online trolls have launched a sick hate campaign against the Bosnian reporter, offering a cash prize if anyone kills or rapes her.

One social media user wrote “Are there any volunteers to rape lovely Lejla? I will personally pay for it” while others called for her to be burnt alive.

To wear a burka is the same as wearing a dildo in public

Lejla Colak

In her article, Colak wrote: “To wear a burka, niqab or any other religious sign or mark on your head is the same as wearing a dildo in public.

“Imagine walking around with a giant dildo and traumatising people.

“Religion is supposed to represent something that is extremely personal just like an individual sexuality.”


The Bosnian reporter has been forced into hiding following the abuse

Ms Colak has since apologised for the wording of the article.

She said: “I can apologise for the form but not for the content. Yes, religion – all of them – should be a private matter.

“Everything I have said I mean. Forgive me only for that piece of plastic with which I have hurt the feelings of the public.

More here. H/T: Tommy Robinson

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  1. Can you kindly remove Ms Colak’s additional photos from your article, except the one with the sunglasses on, she feels her image is being exposed to radical Islamists world wide. Thank you.

    1. Understand, now removed, thank you for getting into contact with me.

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