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Islam critic Mona Walter to speak at keep Finland Finnish event

Who is Mona Walter? Mona was originally born in Somalia in 1973 and subsequently moved to Sweden as a refugee in 1994. In Sweden, Mona is shocked Islamic circles for some time now, Mona is herself an apostate from Islam and has dedicated her life to fighting against the spread of Islam.

Mona’s path in Sweden has not been easy, after publication of her message on radio, in the media and on her blog, Mona has received several death threats and her blog, for example, has been closed by the service provider. Mona has not received the reason for the closure. She has to now live partially protect her identity and her phone is connected with the police 24/7 if anything were to happen.


Excerpts from Mona’s texts:

  • “The current climate in Sweden is in which uncomfortable opinions are swept under the carpet. Such as mine, who are critical of Islam and thereby is not generally accepted. Although I provide many authentic sources in my critic of Islam, I am acknowledged as holding xenophobic opinions. “
  • “The spread of Islam in the world is a cause for concern. In every single country where Islam has grown over the centuries, it has happened at the expense to democracy, freedom of expression and freedom of religion. Christians and Jews have almost been completely eradicated in these countries. Why shouldn’t the same scenario not materialize in the western world and in Sweden? In which manner  our supposed diverseness can be protected from Islam’s  influence?

Politicians, journalists and church leaders do not realize that when they seem to show solidarity with the Muslims, they are not going to get back to the same kind of solidarity. When Muslims are enough, they will set up their own party, or having access to an already existing party.

Church leaders will see how the now empty churches will become Islamic congregations, and they are converted into mosques. What’s more, Islam gets a foothold in our society, the less there will be space for it, that’s not Islamic.

Mona Walter will speak at: Keep Finland Finnish 09/10/2016 at 15:00 Mosaiikkitori, Helsinki, Vuosaari

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