Donald Trump


That’s what uncritical Trump supporters keep telling us.

In spite of all the warnings, that their candidate is coasting to a massive election drubbing if he doesn’t turn things around, they hold to the fiction that ALL the polls are rigged, full speed ahead.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Trump campaign is worried by the numbers, hence the repeatedcampaign shake-ups, but if you listen to his more stalwart supporters, ”nah……the polls are all rigged” (expect when they’re in his favor, meaning during the primary period).

Yeah, every single poll taken, even from Fox News (which gave him free media in the hundreds of millions of dollars) and other conservative outlets, ”they’re all rigged, every last one of them, the only way to beat the rigged system is for Trump to field massive amounts of poll watchers to look for fraud”. This is how deluded some of his loyal followers are.

Here’s an excerpt from an exchange I had privately with some people I know who are stalwarts of the Trump campaign:

“What I offer is a cold, clear analysis of a man who only a few years ago was bankrolling the very people we’ve all blamed for screwing up our societies. Throwing out principles to accommodate someone just because he now promises something different, …well color me skeptical.

That said, I’m pragmatic, holding his feet to the fire is the one way to steer him from his Leftist inclinations towards a conservative (constitutional positions). Not cheer leading him, meaning waving pompoms (read = defending everything he says and does, including past history prior to become a recent republican) and behaving like a chorus line, moving in this and that direction on command…..does him a better service, and the country, in making him a better candidate.

I want him to win, he’s got the nomination he craved, now dammit act like it. Vegas Strip lounge acts are not the way to do it, it appeals to only his core supporters, like I said, he’s got 68 million votes to win, behaving like that will not work, giving speeches like the past two given (outside of his tariffs crap and minimum wage increase bunk) will work, and hammering the crap out of a very very weak Dem candidate, and then NOT throwing it all away on stupid remarks that fill the airwaves for the following 4-5 days which ends up stealing from his good messages.

This is hardly TDS, or a frenzy, but my analysis of what he has to do to win, listening to sycophants will not help him, he needs hard constructive criticism to make him a better candidate.”

I reject the conspiracy driven mentality that has affected some of the people I have greatly respected over the years when is comes to the Trump candidacy. Are some polls rigged? Of course they are, but every last one of them?

Any evidence offered that shows Trump is in trouble, immediately becomes a part of the conspiracy……even though the Trump camp itself is taking a hard look at the hard numbers and reacting to them accordingly.

I just don’t know what to make of it.

Americans are about to get the first landslide president we don’t want


Kyle Smith

We’ve got a presidential campaign that stars one of the most polarizing, divisive and talked-about figures in American life, an international celebrity and lightning rod for all sociopolitical topics going back a quarter of a century.

And she’s become a bystander in this race.

On Thursday, after the usual barrage and tumult of nuttier-than-a-Skippy-factory stories about the Donald Trump campaign, Hillary Clinton didn’t show up until page A15 of that day’s edition of The New York Times, in a story in which she practically begged America, “Hey! Over here! I’m in this thing too!”

It turns out Clinton has some sort of tax proposal. (She wants to raise them.) Nobody cares. It won’t pass. Nothing she says matters. These days she might as well be reading “Twilight” fan fiction at her rallies. She is the first major presidential candidate since James Monroe ran unopposed in 1820 who could spend October of election year in Fiji if she wanted to.

More here.

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