The UN became an entirely ineffectual, corrupt entity by the time of the outbreak of the Cold War. 

Being a world stage for every dictatorial despot and corrupt leader, Communist block states and the Arab League, who comprise the ”Non-Aligned Block”, became a destabilizing, negative force within its halls.

Not being able to match the strength and power of US might, they took to demonizing it, and by extension, and more exclusively, Israel. What has evolved over time could be accurately described as an Orwellian international freak show. Up is down, light is dark and lies are the new truth.

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Comment: Does the UN facilitate crimes against humanity?


The reality is the UN has never prevented genocide and crimes against humanity, it has merely kept the spotlight off what the genocidal regimes are doing.

Five years after a cholera epidemic broke out in Haiti the United Nations admitted it played a role in causing the deaths of 10,000 and infecting 770,000. The disease “would not have broken out but for the actions of the United Nations,” a report said according to The New York Times.

There hadn’t been a case of cholera in Haiti for 100 years when the outbreak took place in the wake of the devastating 2010 earthquake. The Haitians suspected it was connected to sick Nepalese at a UN base of the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti. But officials from the UN and other international bodies resisted attempts to investigate the source, as thousands died. One official said they didn’t want “finger pointing.”

When the UN report had finally admitted the organization’s role, it still didn’t take responsibility. The UN mission that was supposed to “stabilize” Haiti had actually destabilized the country, which provided an excuse for the UN to maintain its mission there and keep paying its well-heeled foreign hires. Now the UN is trying to raise $2 billion to “help” Haiti “eradicate cholera.”

It’s alarming to imagine being a poor person in a struggling country with a UN base next to your house. As a citizen of the country you have no say over the UN and your laws do not apply to it. If UN workers rape you, they will not be arrested. That happened in more than 100 cases in the Central African Republic. The perpetrators were members of the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic. “At the last UN checkpoint, there were four peacekeepers,” the victims told Al-Jazeera. “They called me – but I was reluctant to go, then one pointed a gun at me. They pushed me into a thicket and raped me.”

Like the people of Haiti, the women of the Central African Republic are at the mercy of their UN colonial overlords. In a Western country, for an international organization to set up a military base and checkpoints, spread cholera and rape people would be considered an occupation, and a crime against humanity. One wonders why UN abuses tend to involve black people in marginalized communities. Is this a form of neocolonialism? The larger picture of the UN is that it is not merely an organization whose missions have been implicated in so much suffering in Haiti and Africa, but an organization with ties to crimes against humanity around the world.

When the UN was founded it was supposed to be an agent for good, a place for nations to hold discussions and work toward peace. It was supposed to help prevent the kind of genocide that had just taken place in Europe.

But since the foundation of the UN there have been more genocides, not less – and the rate has been increasing.

The UN has not merely been ineffective at confronting genocide in places like Cambodia, Rwanda, Darfur and Iraq, it has often been willfully blind, facilitating the genocide and crimes through its silence.

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