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Gazan Rocket Hits Sderot, IDF Retaliates in Minutes

 By: Jewish Press News Briefs
Sderot during the missile attack
Sderot during the missile attack

Two rocket alerts went off in communities near the Gaza border and in Sderot at around 2:25PM on Sunday.

2:35 PM Residents near the Gaza border are reporting that they heard at least one explosion, possibly two.

2:43 PM Confirmed reports that one rocket from Gaza landed in Sderot between 2 houses. No one was injured.

The rocket was launched from Beit Hanoun.

Police are asking citizens to not go to the area where the rocket fell do the the danger.

3:00 PM Arab sources report that the IDF is striking Beit Hanoun area.

There are no reports on why Iron Dome did not take down he rocket.


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