It’s classic Swedicide……….


Ingrid Carlqvist

  • “There isn’t much of a desire to do anything about it [the problem of antisemitism]. It should also be said that the so-called interfaith outreach work… achieves almost nothing. A couple of old bearded men get together and agree on some dietary thing they’ve got in common, but it doesn’t solve the fact that anti-Semitism mainly comes from Muslim communities these days. … that that’s taught in many mosques and many Muslim schools…” — Douglas Murray, British commentator.
  • The question that arises is, are the elites of Sweden in general suffering from a case of Stockholm syndrome? Are we encouraging our adversaries to Islamize Sweden, which in the long run, might result in the abolition of freedom of religion, forcing Jews and Christians to live as dhimmis [subjugated citizens] in humiliation?
  • If by allowing hundreds of thousands of Muslims to settle here — people much more hateful of Jews than the average German during the Nazi era — are we not in fact paving the way for another Holocaust?


Thomas Wolff, of the magazine Jewish Chronicle (Judisk krönika), commented on fear and how it makes many Jews stay silent: “We live behind locked gates with armed guards. Because of this, we lay low,” Wolff told us. ” You cannot tar all of Islam with the same brush. People do not flee because it amuses them, but because they are in danger.”

Kent Ekeroth, a Jewish Member of Parliament for the Sweden Democrats, has long been aware of the reluctance among Swedish Jews to criticize the Islamization — even though it might be their own undoing:

“It is very difficult to understand,” Ekeroth told Gatestone. “In part, it has to do with Jews seeing themselves as a minority, thus thinking they have to side with other minorities, a naïve liberalism that does not serve them. The talk about Jews hating the Sweden Democrats is not altogether true. Many say that in public, but in private, they admit to voting for us.”

Ekeroth simply laughs at being called a sick Muslim-hater and person with ADHD [attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] who might as well be a criminal.

“That is actually a first! Seriously, I am sure they too will wake up one day, but as usual, by then it will be too late. They will realize what they have done, but it will be too late. Here we have all these nationalist movements in Europe who have realized what Islam is doing to our communities, and are friends of Israel… This is really the same mechanism that is at work among all Swedes who want mass immigration. I do not know why they do it and I cannot explain it. There is no logic to it and nothing to suggest it will do anybody any good.”

Many Swedish Jews who have realized the dangers of Islamization have emigrated — or are planning to emigrate — to Israel.

The final question is, when Sweden has been completely Islamized, where will the non-Jewish Swedes go? We do not have another homeland to run to.

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