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No Sauli, the problems don’t come out from nowhere, they sprout from the same geniuses you deride as feeble politicians who end up doing nothing. 

In fact, I applaud their doing nothing, just get the hell out of the way, resign, close the EU doors, and let nation states handle their own problems. Europe has to completely divest itself from the socialist nanny state model, and try free market capitalism and liberty. That is the best safeguard to peaceful nations and prosperity.

Finnish president hits EU over “feeble” decision-making

Speaking to a gathering of Finnish ambassadors in Helsinki, President Sauli Niinistö painted a grim picture of the current status of the EU and of Finnish society. His speech was short on concrete suggestions for improvements in either realm, though.

Sauli Niinistö puhuu eduskunnassa.

The Finnish president warned of growing divisions in Europe and at home. Image: Petteri Paalasmaa / AOP

President Sauli Niinistö has sharply criticised the European Union for what he sees as its weak decision-making and implementation. He spoke on Tuesday to an annual meeting of Finnish ambassadors and senior diplomats at the House of Parliament in Helsinki.

The EU faces an impasse on many issues, one that is “largely self-inflicted,” said Niinistö.

“We all know the steps of this dance: a crisis comes out of nowhere. Summits are held. And then the same thing happens again. And the can is simply kicked down the road. The problem becomes even more intractable,” he observed.

Even when decisions are made, he said, “their implementation often adds up to no more than good intentions,” citing “the feeble approach taken to the joint handling of the migration crisis”.

Niinistö said the EU cannot be “a fair-weather organisation” but that “the signs are not entirely encouraging,” adding that the UK’s Brexit decision is “a serious blow”.

“The EU’s banking crisis, which had already been declared as solved, is making a comeback after the UK’s decision in favour of Brexit,” said Niinistö, adding that “powerful forces are now shaking up the EU.”

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