Slashing what never should have been there to slash.

They should neve have let them in in the first place, let alone spent good after bad on them.The dopes.

Govt to slash funding for asylum seeker reception centres next year

Finland’s Interior Ministry has proposed cutting spending by some 300 million euros in 2017. The biggest reductions will focus on outlays related to accommodating asylum seekers.

Turvapaikanhakijoita Tornion järjestelykeskuksen edessä.
The ministry is basing its 2017 budget on the assumption that fewer asylum seekers will arrive in Finland next year. Image: Kati Teirikko / Yle

The  Interior Ministry has a proposed a budget for 2017 that is more than 300 million euros smaller than this year’s.

One of the areas where ministry officials expect to spend less is on accommodation for refugees and asylum seekers. The 2017 financial estimates propose reducing spending on this item by nearly 190 million euros, compared to this year.

The ministry attributed the reduced allocation to a leveling off in the number of asylum seekers arriving in the country. However officials said that the government will still review the resources to be allocated to immigration, police and border guards during upcoming budget negotiations.

Estimates based on 10,000 new asylum seekers

The ministry has earmarked some 61 million euros for the Finnish Immigration Service and for spending on state-run reception centres.

Another 124 million euros have been budgeted for outsourced services relating to receiving refugees and asylum seekers, voluntary repatriation and financial aid paid out to asylum and refugee applicants.

The spending estimates are based on the assumption that Finland will receive 10,000 new asylum seekers in 2017.

More appeals than expected

By June this year, immigration authorities were accommodating some 25,000 new arrivals. The Immigration Service estimated that number to decline to between 19,000 and 22,000 by the end of the year.

The ministry noted that this year immigration officials failed to achieve the targeted rate for asylum decisions. Additionally, officials took longer than anticipated to hand over responsibility for applicants who’d received positive asylum decisions to municipal authorities.

Another factor that hiked the cost of asylum seeker accommodation was a larger than expected number of asylum decision appeals.

For its part, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has estimated that in 2017 it will spend some 171 million euros on applicants who’ve been granted asylum in Finland.


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