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Kontula moving on from budget boozing

The Helsinki suburb of Kontula does not have the best reputation. It has been beset by cheap pubs and their clientele causing disturbances, but now immigrants are moving in and introducing a less alcohol-based economy.

Kontulan ostari
Tarek Shawaf and his son Ahmed Tarek Shawaf opened their restaurant in Kontula this year. Image: Ilkka Loikkanen / Yle

When retail units open up in Kontula, eastern Helsinki, they used to be filled by cheap and cheerful bars. Nowadays, however, the changing demographics mean entrepreneurs with a migrant background fill the void.

In the process they’ve revitalised a somewhat run-down district that has seen its fair share of problems. Iraqi barber Ali Alsakab opened his store a month ago and says that customers have been pleased with the service since then.

“It is perfect actually,” said barber Ali Alsakab. “Especially when I am doing this opening discount. Some of them are giving double as a tip. Twenty euros. That’s very nice.”

Alcohol-free outlets

In the last few months one Syrian and two Iraqi restaurants have set up shop in Kontula, and neither of them serve alcohol. There will soon be more food stores than pubs–quite a shift for a district known for its low-cost watering holes. Police say the shift away from budget boozers is a positive one, and shoppers told Yle that they are happy with the change.

Business owners are also pleased, and some even suggest that they could be helping to break down prejudices.

Ahmed Tarek Shawaf of the Nuur restaurant claims that some customers who were cautious at first now come three or four times a week.

If that trend continues, Kontula could look even more different in the coming years. One mark of the area’s improvement is the arrival of KontuFest on 19 August. The annual music event has been held in a local park in recent years, but now the shopping centre is seen as a safe enough venue for the festivities.

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