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KATIE HOPKINS ripped apart a “divisive” Remain voter who blamed the ongoing migrant crisis in Calais on Brexit.

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‘Somebody is going to get killed’ Brit truck driver warns of migrant chaos in Calais

Migrants approach a truck in CalaisGETTY

A TRUCK driver who regularly passes through Calais has said it is only a matter of time before someone is killed as a result of the ongoing clashes with migrants.


Around 9,000 migrants are currently estimated to be residing in the Jungle, with lorry drivers regularly experiencing violence, threats and intimidation as they pass through the French port.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd is set to meet her French counterpart in Paris on Tuesday amid renewed calls for British border controls in Calais to be revisited.

The president of the region Xavier Bertrand has said Calais migrants should be able to file their asylum claims for the UK from France.

In recent weeks there have been incidents of migrants blocking roads with fallen trees and threatening drivers in and around the French port.

A British truck driver in Calais has warned the situation is only getting worse

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme one driver said: “Somebody is going to get killed and it is going to be a driver.

“They are pulling trees and setting tyre’s alight and things like that.

“What are we supposed to do? I don’t do this for fun, I do this to provided food for my kids and my wife.

“It is a threat to national security in my opinion.

“If the French police are not prepared to do anything why are we not putting the British army to guard our border which starts here.”

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