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Fethullah Gulen and his supporters are islamonazi as much as the AKP itself, we are not doing ourselves any favors in letting them into our countries.

Small spike in asylum applications after Turkey coup

Last week eleven Turkish citizens sought asylum in Finland. The number is equivalent to nearly a third of all the applications received from Turkish citizens up to the end of July—but the Immigration service says it could be a blip unrelated to the recent failed coup and subsequent purge.

pidätettyjä miehiä bussissa

Turkey has arrested thousands of people since a coup attempt in July. Archive picture. Image: Sedat Suna / EPA

Finland has seen a slight uptick in the numbers of Turkish asylum seekers this summer. Numbers are still small, however, and the Immigration service says that it might not be related to the failed coup and subsequent purge in Turkey.

Up to the end of July some 34 people had asked for asylum in Finland after leaving Turkey. Just last week eleven Turkish citizens filed asylum claims, representing almost a third of the number for the whole year.

Turkish émigré sources say that the group of asylum seekers in Finland include supporters of exiled cleric Fethullah Gülen, who Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan accuses of directing the putsch attempt.

Turkey is demanding that Gülen be extradited from the United States, where he currently lives, and has demanded that Germany surrender Gülenists living there.

After the coup failed the Turkish government closed schools, universities and other institutions, arrested journalists and thousands of other individuals it said were involved in the coup attempt.

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