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Turkey's uprising leaders land a helicopter in Greece and seek asylum

Turkish rebel army leader General Erdal Ozturk who commanded the Third Army Corps in Istanbul has been arrested and charged with treason as eight of his comrades have fled to Greece seeking asylum. President Recep Erdogan has branded the coup leaders as ‘traitors’ and has indicated he is willing to change the law to reintroduce capital punishment to allow the execution of those behind the rebellion attempt. Almost 2,900 troops including two generals have been detained. Turkish officials have demanded the immediate return of the eight Turkish military personnel who fled to Greece on a stolen Blackhawk helicopter to claim asylum after the failed coup.

Istanbul’s most senior soldier has been charged with treason as eight leading members of the plot to overthrow the government have fled to Greece. 

General Erdal Ozturk who commanded the Third Army Corps has been detained is is facing treason charges for his role in the aborted coup. 

His men attempted to seize strategic locations across Istanbul last night when they were confronted by thousands of unarmed civilians who came out in support of Presdient Recep Erdogan. 

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