We all knew it was a fraud, that’s the reason he successfully got GOPe dopes to rescind their treaty making powers.

“The price of Iran’s pretended cooperation will be the US ignoring the terrorism and missile development.


And those S-300s are coming.”

Predictably, Iran threatens Obama’s ‘deal’ with utter collapse one year later

Predictably, Iran threatens Obama’s ‘deal’ with utter collapse one year later


Predictably, Iran threatens Obama’s ‘deal’ with utter collapse one year later

Granted, to say the “deal” faces collapse is to imply that it was ever in a state of non-collapse.  It’s perfectly sound to argue that the non-deal Iran “deal” has been a collapsed balloon from the beginning.

But it’s becoming even harder now to pretend that there’s any inflation in the balloon.

We learned last week that a secret “side deal” to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) will allow Iran to zoom quickly to an accelerated enrichment capability, at the end of the JCPOA’s theoretical, decade-long hiatus.  Obama and Kerry kept this side deal a secret from Congress as well as the American people – and lied in public about its provisions, by explicitly misleading the people on the end-state effects of the “deal,” which the side deal would undo.

On Tuesday, Rep. Pete Roskam (R-IL) said the new revelation invalidates the “deal.”

Revelations about fatal flaws in the nuclear deal invalidate the entire agreement, Roskam said.

“I don’t think there’s a way to have the nuclear deal actually limit Iran,” Roskam said. “I think it’s a false premise. I don’t think that the architecture is there for that.”

This development comes on top of Iran’s continued testing of intermediate-range ballistic missiles, violating the terms of the UN agreement made in 2015 to drop sanctions on Iran in exchange for compliance with the JCPOA.

In early July, the UN actually criticized Iran’s missile testing program as “not consistent with the constructive spirit” of the nuclear deal, which is unusually stringent and categorical language for the UN.

After Iran tested a new, 2,500-mile missile on 12 July, the U.S. House passed new sanctions against Iran for the persistent missile-testing violations.  The Senate is now considering its own bill.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Treasury on 20 July designated three Al Qaeda operatives for terrorism sanctions – operatives who work out of Iran, one of them directly with the Iranian government.

So Iran isn’t taking all this unfettered sanctions activity lying down.  If Iran is going to pretend to cooperate with the JCPOA’s nuclear-related provisions, the price will be the UN and the West turning a blind eye to Iran’s missile development and terrorism activities.  If Iran’s JCPOA partners think they get to sanction missile development and terrorism, they’ve got another think coming.

Iranian media report this week that the country’s nuclear officials have been instructed to get ready to cease cooperating: … [See rest at link]

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