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Finland to push for more intel cooperation, write new anti-terrorism laws

Finland is preparing legislation to better position the country to prevent terrorist strikes. Chair of the Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Antti Kaikkonen said that there’s also room for improvement with respect to international intelligence cooperation. Kaikkonen’s comments followed a devastating lorry attack in Nice, France that killed 84 people and injured 100 late Thursday night.

Antti Kaikkonen.
Centre Party MP Antti Kaikkonen is chair of Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee. Image: Yle

Responding to the suspected terrorist attack in France that claimed 84 lives and injured 100 people in France late Thursday night, chair of Finland’s Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee Antti Kaikkonen said that a similar strike is also possible in Finland.

“The likelihood is small but we can’t rule out the possibility,” Kaikkonen commented during an Yle special broadcast on the Nice attack.

Kaikkonen disclosed that Finland is currently in the midst of reforms to intelligence gathering legislation aimed at preventing terrorist attacks. A working group led by Centre Party MP Tapani Tölli is also looking into possible legal reforms.

“It’s mostly a question of the allowing police officials to more closely track suspicious activity online,” Kaikkonen expanded.

Kaikkonen said that Finland is far too dependent on intelligence shared by other countries. He said that government has beefed up resources for the security and intelligence police Supo, and added that the unit will receive further reinforcements in future.

“We are considering allowing Supo to operate overseas and to gather information itself as well as in cooperation with others,” the Centre Party MP disclosed.


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