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This goes to show just how out of touch most of the West is on the fact that we are fighting WW III against Islamic fascism (post-hijra Islam 101).

Some Finnish tourists wary after Turkey terror attack

The terrorist attacks at Istanbul Atatürk Airport in Turkey which killed at least 41 people and injured some 240 on Tuesday, has raised concern among some Finnish tourists.

Lentokone lentää taivaalla-
Image: Andreas Arnold / EPA

Timo Kousa, who is the CEO at travel agency Aurinkomatkat, said that his company has received more calls than usual from worried travellers on Wednesday.

“This morning we received calls from about 60 customers, 20 of which were related to the events in Istanbul and the security situation there, so it’s a little more than usual,” Kousa said.

Since the attacks, Kousa said that Aurinkomatkat has been in contact with its staff in three Turkish cities, he added.

“The situation there is quiet, there are no disturbances in the beach areas where we fly our passengers,” Kousa said, adding that the company does not offer or arrange flights to Istanbul.

Foreign affairs ministry issues travel advisory

The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs said on Wednesday that it has not received any indication that there were Finnish nationals at the Istanbul airport when it was attacked on Tuesday.

The ministry said that there are some 200 Finnish tourists in the city of Istanbul who have made contact since the attacks.

The ministry said it was still difficult to determine exactly how many Finns are in the area.

The agency has issued an advisory to Finns who will visit Turkey to avoid large crowds and demonstrations, saying that the possibility of more attacks could not be ruled out.

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