It was the main issue of the campaign for the Brexit vote, end the massive flooding of the country, no nation can survive for long without time allowed for integration leading to assimilation. As well as being very picky/choosy on the kinds of immigrants are best suited for UK democracy.

Backing free movement of labour would be a betrayal of the Brexit vote


Nigel Farage

People have had enough of struggling to get their kids into the local school or of feeling the pressures of uncontrolled migration at their local GP surgery. They want a Britain where their kids are able to get on the housing ladder in their lifetime. It would be nothing short of a betrayal if the result of Brexit was anything other than a border policy that brought down migration numbers significantly to alleviate these pressures on our infrastructure.

In my view a net migration range of 30,000 – 50,000 net per year would be an ambitious and sensible level to aim for. It would mean that companies in this country would need to invest more in training British youngsters rather than relying on cheap foreign labour. Yes, in some cases, this means paying British workers higher wages. It would also mean that where there are genuine skills shortages we would retain the ability to plug those gaps effectively.

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