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Tim Blair

Thursday, June 09, 2016 (2:27pm)

Four people reportedly injured in a Sydney shopping centre knife confrontation:

It is believed police shot a 23-year-old man wielding a knife at least three times after a stabbing.


It is understood as many as four people have suffered injuries, including to their lower limbs and abdomen. They range from serious to critical.


Local businessman Geoff Milner saw the attacker walking through the lunchtime market stalls holding a knife.

“I saw this old couple staring at him and that’s when I realised he had a full knife,” he said.

Mr Milner said police arrived shortly after.

“When I walked out of the cafe he was just standing there, like he was waiting for them.”

Early reports indicated the attacker was alive following the police response. More to come.

UPDATE. Seven’s Robert Ovadia reports the man was heard shouting “Allahu Akhbar”.


Assistant Commissioner Denis Clifford said the armed man was known to police and had been reported missing from a nearby psychiatric centre yesterday.

“It will be alleged the man approached police with a large carving knife, the officers each fired shots at the offender and he was wounded several times,” he said.

UPDATE III. A witness reports:

Mr Yeom said he believed three shots were fired and it appeared police were aiming for the man’s legs.

More here. H/T: Warren Raymond

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  1. My understanding is that the man is psychotic – possibly schizophrenic.

    A psychologist had approved a request for day release from the psychiatric facility for a day or two; he did not return.

    Police should have been notified about this but they weren’t.. The injuries to the elderly shoppers were the result of bullets ricocheting off the knife wielding man.

    The psychologist made a gross error of judgment in recommending his short-term release.

    1. It always seems to work in that direction ….. lets see how it plays out.

  2. //
    Australian mock terrorist mental case wielding knife and 3 bystanders shot after rushing police shouting Allahu Akhbar
    Australian mental case wielding knife and 3 bystanders shot after rushing police shouting Allahu Akhbar — ===

    It’s only a mock terrorist case because he was mentally ill and not capable of mentally competent terrorism. No press report identifies the religion of the suspect for some reason, apparently because it is obviously not relevant to this case.

    3 injured by police shooting suspect arrested June 9, 2016 Australian mental case and 3 bystanders shot after rushing police shouting Allahu Akhbar In Australia 3 bystanders shoppers are injured when a mideastern man rushed at police in a crowded Hornsby mall and were forced to shoot at him after he threatened to kill them if they did not shoot. While witnesses reported the barefooted man was “babbling incoherently” and shouting “Allahu Akhbar” Police ruled out terrorism as a motive as they considered it a simple mental health issue. The man was known to them and had escaped a psychiatric center the day before.


    Bystander victim
    Mental terrorist
    Mideast Muslim suspect
    Police involved shooting
    Terrorism (incredibly) ruled out

  3. The man shot might be able to sue if the policewomen who shot him was deliberately aiming at his legs. The reasoning is that if deadly force was required to be used, then you don’t shoot to disable via hits to extremities, since that implies that the use of deadly force was not required and the task of stopping the man may have been achieved by other means.The normal advice I have heard is to shoot to centre of mass and keep shooting until the mortal threat is over and then to cease fire. However, I am not a lawyer, so nobody should be taking my advice.

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