Of course it’s a media hit, it’s simplistic mumbo jumbo, like describing democracy as solely pulling a lever or dropping a ballot into a box…

It’s much more than dna, its how one defines oneself, a vast collection of values and mores and shared history, a social contract…..not racial purity. Of course the Left just thinks in terrms of race.

Danish diversity ad a massive social media hit


Published: 03 Jun 2016 13:06 GMT+02:00

A new ad from the Copenhagen-based travel search engine Momondo has struck a nerve by showing Danes that they’re not quite as Danish as they think.

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A new ad from Momondo showing that people around the world are much more closely related than they think has been shared massively on social media since its release on Thursday. 

The five-minute ad, filmed in Copenhagen, has been viewed over seven million times on Facebook and another million times on YouTube. In Denmark alone, it has been shared well over 13,000 times. 

The ad aims to prove that “we actually have much more in common with other nationalities than you’d think”. Collaborating with the genetic research company AncestryDNA, the campaign brought 67 participants from around the world to the Danish capital in April and filmed them receiving their own DNA results. 

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