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Statism is a very real threat and danger to the Jewish people….

It always behooves me to explain to persecuted minorities, Jews and others, that you’re not making yourself, or any other minority, let alone society in general, any safer by adhering to a statist ideology. All genocides and mass persecutions and systematic discrimination have resulted from a governing system that centralized concentrated power. The all powerful government.

The more governing power is dispersed to the local communities the freer the individual, the less likely minorities will be persecuted, at least on a grand scale. Social democrats and the whole kaleidoscope of statist parties are threats to the individual, even more so to the minority. Multiculturalism, the construct of the statist, is a ruse.

Jewish Labour MP: Anti-Semitism is very real and a danger to the Jewish people

Britain’s Labour Party is in the middle of an anti-Semitic storm following the remarks of Ken Livingstone. Luciana Berger, a Jewish MP from the party, uploaded to her Twitter account the anti-Semitic harassment and threats she has been receiving on a regular basis.

image descriptionLuciana Berger Photo Credit: PR/Channel 2 News

In the midst of the storm that began in Britain surrounding the controversial statements of two Labour Party members, Ken Livingstone and Naz Shah, regarding Israel and Hitler, Berger published some of the anti-Semitic harassment she has been receiving. 34-year-old Berger claimed that she has received thousands of messages and emails containing anti-Semitic content.

Berger presented messages that she has received through Twitter and WhatsApp. Some of the messages contain pictures of yellow badges, identical to the symbol that the Nazis forced Jews to wear during the Holocaust. In other messages, she is portrayed as a miser or having a big nose. In some messages, people have also threatened to rape or murder her- just because she is Jewish.

image descriptionPhoto Credit: Luciana Berger’s Twitter account/Channel 2 News

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