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It’s all about tearing down existing structures and replacing with….whatever they can cobble together in an utopian driven frenzy.

If Black Lives Matter really cared about Black lives, they’d be marching against Planned Parenthood’s centering its baby chop shops mainly in their areas, or about Black on Black violence. But, it’s never really about what their name describes, is it?

“Why would gay activists support Islam?” HERE’S the answer

battering ram


Last week, The Rebel posted an excellent rant by Stephen Crowder against a group of “social justice warrior” students at an American university.

Now here is the entire presentation the activists tried to disrupt. It features Milo Yiannopollos, as well as Christina Hoff Sommers, who wrote the excellent book, “Who Stole Feminism”:

But there is one topic they touched on that demands more attention.

Last week on BlogTalk radio, a Canadian blogger observed that identity-politics factions, which seem to be separate, are in fact all one group.

His segment starts at around 26 minutes.

One could summarize that whole discussion in one graphic however.

These groups, which include Muslim Brotherhood sponsored groups such as CAIR, and far left extremists like Black Lives Matter, are all battering rams against classical civilization.

What they have in common is the inspiration they’ve all taken from the Frankfurt School and the tactics they’ve learned from Saul Alinsky, the communist author of “Rules for Radicals”.

Once this is understood, statements that often mystify us make perfect sense.

Statements like: “Why would gay groups support Islam when Islam murders homosexuals?”

The answer is that gay advocacy groups are less interested in gay rights than in serving as a battering ram against classical civilization.

J Street and Not in Our Name claim to reflect Jewish interests but actually seek the destruction of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East. These groups also support Hamas, whose public charter endorses genocidal antisemitism.

Black Lives Matter never speaks about the two largest killers of black people: the left’s prohibition on DDT, which could save a million black people a year from malaria; and the staggering number of African-Americans who die at the hands of other African-Americans.

More here.

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