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German police arrest 400 protesters outside far-right party meeting

german police 30.4.2016

German riot police arrest protesters outside far-right party conference

Riot police use pepper spray to disperse activists blocking entrance to Alternative für Deutschland conference in Stuttgart

Hundreds of protesters have been arrested outside a conference of the far-right German political party Alternative für Deutschland in Stuttgart after attempting to block the entrance to the event.

Around 400 people were detained outside the venue where up to 2,000 AfD members are expected to pass an explicitly anti-Islam manifesto, according to Agence France-Presse. The party wants to ban the burqa and minarets in Germany.

Riot police reportedly fired pepper spray at several hundred leftwing protesters who had temporarily blocked a nearby highway and burned tyres on the road leading to the venue. Around 1,000 officers are said to have been deployed.

Protesters chanted “refugees can stay, Nazis must go”, according to local media. Placards at the demonstration reportedly included one that read: “Your hate campaign pisses us off.” The protests delayed the start of the conference on Saturday.

“Police detained around 400 violent protesters who threw stones at officers and attacked them with fireworks,” said a police spokesman, Lambert Maute. “There were no injuries reported, only some minor incidents of eye irritation due to the pepper spray.”

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  1. Morons don’t understand by letting muslims in it’s the same as letting Nazis in.Merkel is a real new Hitler anyway.A whore of Erdogan and Islam……….

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