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It’s rich that the site would be accused of disseminating false news/distortions of the truth, YLE and other big media do that on a regular basis, and never apologize for it. 

I only need to point to YLE itself in how it reported on the Jussi Halla-aho case, and continues to refer to the verdict (to smear) without qualifiers when it reports on Halla-aho in the English version of their site.

Police and prosecutor expand co-operation against MV Lehti

Finnish police have had several complaints about the MV Lehti website, which is accused of publishing false news and promoting hate speech. Those who think they may be the victim of crimes as a result of the website’s content are urged to contact police before the end of the month.

Kuvakaappaus MV-lehden etusivusta.

The controversial MV Lehti stands accused of racist and inflammatory postings. Image: Yle

Finnish police have announced that they are working closely with prosecutors to investigate the operations of an alternative news site, MV Lehti, which stands accused of disseminating false information and promoting hate speech.

In a statement on the national police website, police said that they suspect that several articles on the website are baseless, distortions of the truth, or that they infringe copyright.

They have received dozens of complaints about the website, and are currently investigating cases of suspected copyright infringement, libel, aggravated defamation, fundraising crimes and gambling crimes.

The investigation is being co-ordinated by Helsinki police, and has required co-operation with foreign law enforcement agencies.

The site’s founder, Ilja Janitskin, is based in Spain.

Police are asking anyone who believes they may be a victim of crimes related to the website’s articles to contact them during May.


NOTE: Finland has it’s own versions of the National Enquirer that do engage in exactly what they are claiming against MVLehti. Also, since the site uses Jew hater, Juha Kärkkäinen’s material, that alone relegates the site to the trash bin.

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