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I’ve dropped off from reading Bret Stephens awhile ago, it was just a personal choice. I’ve always liked and admired his writing style, especially when he was writing about Arab Muslims’ conflict with the Jewish state of Israel, and other ME issues, but ever since he’s been at the ivory towers of the Wall Street Journal, he’s become a very distant voice for me.

His latest piece in the WSJ is symptomatic of why most conservatives refuse to get their news from the WSJ, let alone its editorial pages. He still doesn’t get it. The GOP is to blame for the rise of Trump, the complete fecklessness of GOP elected officials who caved to Obama’s agenda time and time again gave rise to the anger of its base support.

The only ones who became respected by the base were the one who took up their cause, the people’s cause as their own (Trump was noticeably absent during all of the Tea Party functions/rallies, he was still too busy with insider, cozy relationships with establishment figures), Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, (now) Governor Pence, Scott Walker, Rand Paul, Allen West and on down the line.

Bret Stephens in his WSJ piece The GOP Gets What it Deserves:

In 2014, the “Republican establishment,” as it is now derisively known, succeeded in securing its largest ever majority in the House since 1928. It won nine seats in the Senate and regained the majority for the first time in eight years. The GOP also took control of 31 governorships, with historic gains in state legislatures.

These were significant political achievements, which only awaited a reasonably serious presidential candidate to lead to a sweeping Republican restoration.

Instead, Mr. Cruz used the moment to attempt a party coup by treating every tactical or parliamentary difference of opinion as a test of ideological purity. The party turned on its own leaders, like the much-vilified Mr. Boehner. Then it turned on its (classically) liberal ideas, like free trade and sensible immigration policy.

And now it’s America First time again—the inevitable outcome of the GOP’s descent into populism.

There is fact an establishment, that class of elitists who holds the reigns of power and refuse to allow the people to have a voice in determining how their government is to rule. Bret obviously mingles very well within their clique.

Contrary to Stephen’s implication, the only reason why the GOP won was due to promises made that his clique reneged on, time and again. Mind you, this is the same clique establishment that waved the white flag early on after Obama’s initial win in 2008, declaring themselves now to be a ”regional party”, and now forced to live within that reality.

The Tea Party, which rose to life during the latter Bush years was in direct response to his bailout of corporate America (I have to “abandon the free market in order to “save” it”) conservatives were rightly repulsed by the move and his sentiments. It’s telling that Stephens takes Tea Party successes and makes it the GOP’s, when the establishment had next to nothing to do with it. Within a few months they were busy corralling new reps in the house into doing ”business as usual”.

Ted Cruz and Mike Lee along with sporadic help from Rand Paul and Jeff Sessions helped to place the establishment’s feet to the fire, something that Stephens considers ”as a test for ideological purity”.

Wrong Mr.Stephens, it wasn’t out of ideological purity that these men bucked the system, but out of philosophical principles, something that you can’t even differentiate, the former being based upon an utopian mindset, the latter upon the US constitution, a document crafted with human experience and enlightenment philosophy as a backdrop. That the government and its elected officials serve the people, not the other way around.

The Trump phenomenon consists of people much like in the conservative Cruz movement who want a return of the rule of law, a representational republic, secure borders, reversing the trend in accumulated debt, the welfare state etc.etc., the difference being the vehicle that brings that into the White House. I have big problems with Trump supporters who look between their fingers at everything Donald Trump has said and done during his business and political career, but I have even more problems with those who look down their noses from their ivory towers (of the establishment) and dare lecture us.

John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Reince Preibus and the entire rotting lot of the establishment, has sold this country down the drain for self aggrandizement. The party hat counters and their acolytes have no room to wag a finger, they are the sole reason why the Left has been so successful in ruining the country, not us who rise up in protest and in political action to reverse their disasters.

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  1. We hate them all. These self serving Republocrat- parasites who would not walk across the street for a hundred grand..

    Well, we will put in a likely mobster on top of them. One ring to rule them all, and in the darkness, bind them.

    All of us will be clapping as he takes each one of them out to the woodshed..
    They can dish it out, lets see if they can take it. 8 years! Payback!

  2. I hope he starts in the state and city that sued Christians for NOT making a gay cake, while muslim bakeries refused without a whisper. We are indeed, angry at the civilization battering PC

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