That would tend to anger even the most patient of people….

‘My disabled mother missed out on SIX bungalows because immigrants jump the council house queue’: Brexit voter reveals why she launched her furious outburst during first EU referendum TV debate 

Woman in Brexit debate immigration row blames EU as she struggles for council house

Emily Wood, 28, from Poole, who lives with mother Valerie and carer father Roderick (together at home today, left), says they have even visited the council houses they missed out on to prove foreigners are being ‘bumped up’.

She said: ‘When we have gone round to see who has ended up in the property, it has usually been immigrants’. Miss Wood fell out with MPs and audience members when she said her disabled mother could not get the council house she needs because others are given priority.

Today the music producer stood by her comments on live TV last night (top right) and told MailOnline: ‘I felt I had to speak up for my generation’. Last night fellow audience member Asma Butt (bottom right), from Aberdeen, weighed in and told Miss Wood: ‘The EU is not some kind of scapegoat for you to keep blaming for your problems’.

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NOTE: Eh, Miss Butt, you’re not kidding anyone any more. The jig is up, the EU is the problem, and nation states built upon representative democracy, free market capitalism and the individual, is the solution.

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  1. Mustards occupy the council chambers, and Mustards take care of their own. These ignorant British cows haven’t got a chance!

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