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Yeah, this was the 22 year old ”kid” who butchered the poor aid woman…..

Pictured: Blood-smeared floors and walls of child migrant centre where a Swedish social worker, 22, was stabbed to death in ‘a frenzied attack’ by a ‘Ethiopian boy’ who is at least TWENTY-ONE

The migrant centre where Swedish social worker was stabbed to death by 'Ethiopian boy'

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: These horrifying pictures show how Alexandra Mezher (right) tried to pull herself to safety after she was attacked by one of the ‘boys’ she was meant to be caring for in Gothenburg, Sweden. The young woman had tried to defend herself from the vicious onslaught, and witnesses who rushed to her aid described hearing her beg for her life.

But a stab wound to the thigh severed her artery, and she bled to death in a bedroom where she had sought shelter. Prosecutors today said they had conclusively proved Ethiopian asylum seeker Youssaf Khaliif Nuur, inset left, who was pretending to be 15, is at least 21, if not older. He has been charged with her murder.

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  1. My prayers go out for AM and her family. Furthermore, just like Cato the Elder said, “I also consider that islam must be destroyed.” ‘Nuff said…

  2. The refugees are simply practicing islam, and this taking of slaves is the norm.
    Get used to it or get them out.

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