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Always Cruz……..

Oh yeah, that guy turned out to be from Ohio, no doubt in a group travelling from there following his campaign. The more he does this, the more I believe that he’s the real deal…….only a person who’s grounded in his philosophical views would dare to do that, Donald would never do that………….

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  1. Credit to Ted Cruz for discussing important issues with a committed Trump supporter.

    The USA is an unhappy divided country. Trump supporters believe they have been screwed by the Establishment, Democrats and Republicans alike.

    They are angry and frustrated at their ever shrinking capacity to make ends meet while they watch politicians enjoying the good life.

    Trump’s promises resonate with them – that America can become a great nation again after 7 abysmal years of the Comedian-in-Chief.

    The USA is regarded as weak and ineffectual by non-Americans. A country in hock to the tune of 20 trillion dollars – much of the debt tied up in bonds owned by Chinese investors.

    Whoever is the next President is in for a very rocky ride.

    I have always thought Cruz would be that man but I’m not so sure now.

    Let’s see what the people of Indiana say to-morrow.

  2. I wonder how Trump would have responded. Cruz was packing half truths with a twist of truth.
    All out of context.. THat guy REALLY lies

    1. Trump wouldn’t have responded, because no Cruz supporter would have been such a dick.

    2. Nope. I never took to the slogan of lying Ted.

      But Trump and Cruz need to reconcile and work toward the defeat of Clinton.

      I know KGS loaths Trump, but, Webmster, ask yourself, would you rather have Clinton running the joint for the next four years?

      By all means vote for the tree stump bu it would be a wasted and futile gesture.

      Think again, mon ami.

      1. Trump needs to earn conservatives trust…if he ”reaches out to everyone else”, he should reach out to them as well.

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