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Shhhhh! This ruins the meme of those who suspect “da Jooos” secretly trying to undermine Europe with Muslims for their own benefit.

The status quo/ruling elite (a collection of statists and neo-statists) are not looking out for the best interests of the citizenry at large, though at first (giving the benefit of the doubt here) they thought that they can handle things. They are all out of their depth, they reject enlightenment philosophy based on human experience, in favor of an utopian based ideology, and it’s badly crashing around them.

Islamic radicalization fuels ‘dire’ threat to Jews in Europe, congressional panel hears

Muslims attend Friday prayers during the second day of Ramadan in east London

Muslims attend Friday prayers during the second day of Ramadan in east London. (photo credit:REUTERS)

A congressional human rights commission heard testimony from experts on how Islamic radicalization in Europe has ramped up risk for Jewish communities.

“ISIS especially hates the Jewish people and has instructed its followers to prioritize killing them,” Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., the chairman of the U.S. Helsinki Commission, said Tuesday, launching the hearing he called in the wake of recent attacks in Europe, and referring to the Islamic State terrorist group behind some of the recent major attacks in Europe.

John Farmer, a former New Jersey attorney general who now leads a Rutgers University initiative to assess how to protect communities vulnerable to terrorism, said terrorist attacks were threatening the viability of Jewish Europe.

“The situation on the ground has become dire, the challenge to the Jewish communities has become nothing less than existential,” he said. “Many stalwart [Jewish] leaders have become ambivalent about remaining in Europe at all.”

Paul Goldenberg, the director of the Secure Communities Network, an initiative of the Jewish Federations of North America, described a continuum of anti-Semitic violence over the last 20 years from attacks originating in right-wing extremism to those carried out by militant Islamists.

“In the span of two decades, we’ve moved from swastikas on buildings, the desecration of graveyards and simple assaults as well as long-standing institutionalized anti-Semitism to brutal violence, commando-style shooting attacks and even suicide bombings on the streets of Europe by battlefield-trained terrorist cells and organizations,” he said.

The experts, answering questions from Democrats and Republicans on the panel, identified the failure of European law enforcement agencies to fully coordinate and engage with Muslim communities as factors hindering bids to prevent attacks.

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