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The fact remains, it’s totally irrelevant the number of ”peaceful muslims”, those who are not vocal with Islam’s clear tenets of murder, slavery, subjugation and supremacy.

What matters most is the historical record, that all all political/societal upheavals always, meaning without exception, occurred at the hands of a minority, whether for the good or bad. Also the fact that, Islamic texts from the post-hijra period of Mohamed’s which are full of violence and intolerance (Jew hatred, as well as against Christians and others) supersede (abrogate) the earlier more peaceful blatherings.

True koran believing Muslims find it almost impossible to refute the teachings of Post-Hijra Islam, and for that reason alone, makes them a potential fifth column in any society. They may not make that step, but only because they haven’t been confronted with that teaching face to face, nor live in a community with that dominant ideology pressuring them 24/7.

Almost a quarter want the introduction of sharia law in this country; and a frightening 4 per cent — equivalent to 100,000 people — support violence, including suicide bombings, to ‘defend’ Islam. Only one in three say they would report a suspected terrorist to the police.

Trevor Phillips is no sensationalist. He’s a thoughtful man, who will have weighed the implications of his findings carefully.

So when he warns of the dangers of persisting with this pernicious policy of multi-culturalism and appeasement of militant Islam, our head-in-the-sand politicians should pay serious heed.

He is at pains, as I am, to emphasise that most Muslims in Britain want nothing more than to live in peace and do the best for themselves and their families.

But there is a voluble and intolerant strand of Islam in this country that proselytises separatism, denigrates all other religions and cultures, and is violently opposed to any kind of compromise with mainstream British values.

We’re all going to hell in a hijab: RICHARD LITTLEJOHN says it is time our head-in-the-sand politicians take serious heed of Trevor Phillips’s comments about Muslim attitudes

It has taken Trevor Phillips, pictured, to shine a light on the disintegration of Britain in the name of ‘diversity’, writes Richard Littlejohn

Not for the first time, it has taken Trevor Phillips to shine a light on the disintegration of Britain in the name of ‘diversity’.

By way of disclosure, I should remind readers that Trevor is a long-standing friend of mine, as well as executive producer of my old London Weekend Television series.

When he took a break from journalism to seize the poisoned chalice that is the chairmanship of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, he told me he had only done so because he wanted to close it down.

In a perfect world, there would be no need for laws forcing people of different races and religions to mutually respect each other and live together in peace and harmony.

He also insisted that as a black man, he could say things about race that people like me couldn’t — at least, not without being slandered as some kind of knuckle-scraping BNP troglodyte.

Trevor has been as good as his word. OK, he didn’t quite succeed in abolishing the Commission, but he has been prepared to tackle head-on the blinkered, bigoted doctrines of multi-culturalism.

Last year, he made a TV documentary called Things We Won’t Say About Race That Are True — a programme which had the gormless Guardianistas bouncing up and down with self-righteous indignation.

He exposed how the ‘diversity’ gestapo have deliberately encouraged apartheid, creating ghettos and closed societies in our inner cities, where ignorance and hatred flourish unchecked.

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