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All of this of course proves what we in the Counter-Jihad (defense of classical liberalism, based upon the Enlightenment) have been saying from the very beginning.

muslim intergration

What was once considered exaggerations, hyperbole, is now being proven as being ‘spot-on’. We there be any apologies and most importantly, changes in course? That remains to be seen.

The reason Muslims enjoy our country is because it is tolerant. Not the bits where we are tolerant of each other, you understand. Not the fact we respect your right to be Jewish or utterly ungodly. Or our warm embrace of those who identify as straight, gay, lesbian or as gender-fluid as a snail.

No. They enjoy our country because we are tolerant of their right to be as as prejudiced against Jews and as homophobic as they please.

KATIE HOPKINS: What do British Muslims Really Think? Now we know. And it’s terrifying

KATIE HOPKINS: What do British Muslims Really Think? Now we know. And it’s terrifying 

I sat down to watch ‘What British Muslims Really think’ with my best multicultural head on and cleared my mind of all preconceptions. But, much as it pains me to say it, I have been right all along. British Muslims are not part of some rich tapestry of urban life. It’s a myth, dreamed up by the BBC, and perpetuated by the Islington elite. It is them and us. And THEY have no wish to be anything like US, writes KATIE HOPKINS.

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