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Soldier Shoots Terrorist, or Man Bites Dog

This week a firestorm of public opinion broke out over the accusation that a soldier killed a terrorist who was already shot but not clearly subdued. Without going into the actual details—which have yet to be determined by investigation—the key point is that the left-wing media ran to accuse the soldier of murder. Their “evidence” was neatly cooked for them by the anti-Israel so-called NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) B’tselem. B’tselem is not an actual NGO because they are heavily funded by foreign governmental donors, including the EU and Norway and government-funded church charities such as Sweden’s Diakonia, which sponsor other anti-Israeli organizations as well. Therefore it would be more accurate to call them a Foreign Interference Aggressor for Terror (FIAT).

The Palestinian Authority and its fellow-travelers have advanced since the days of creating events and issuing advance invitations to a willing press to created news. As we have noted before, they routinely use local handlers to lead reporters to the story the PA wants to show. However B’tselem has taken things up a level. The B’tselem modus operandi now is to fund cameramen who are conveniently waiting when a terror event or riot breaks out. The film is cooked and edited to the correct adversarial slant against Israelis, and then fed to news outlets.

Media Watch columnists Yisrael Medad and Eli Pollak reported today on the complicity of the media with the anti-Israel group. News outlets showed a tape without a soundtrack. In the fuller tape it is clear that the terrorist was still not neutralized and moving, nor had he been checked for explosives. B’tselem’s tape as provided to the media obscures these details and also blurs the terrorist. Batya Medad has an excellent fisk of the whole story here, including the longer unblurred tape which also shows the soldier attacked by the terrorist being put in an ambulance—another “detail” the B’tselem clip omits.

In a country that sends its sons and daughters to the army, a vast backlash has arisen against the media and government who rushed to conduct a media trial against the soldier. Many of us would prefer to see our kids in jail and the terrorist dead rather than vice versa. Demonstrations were held Saturday night and again tonight in protest against the arrest and media trial. The army has reduced the charges against the soldier to manslaughter.

It is important to note that what is seen in the clip is a small fraction of the soldier’s day-to-day experience in the field. While IDF training is excellent in many aspects, it does not sufficiently prepare young soldiers to stand on the streets in locations like Hebron day after day waiting for the likely strike against their unit. Nor is it sufficient to enable them to react to taunting and riots. In fact, IDF soldiers receive “don’t respond” orders while they are subjected to stonings and insults. Their main weapon against protestors is tear gas.

It has gotten so bad that the IDF has used infiltrators dressed as Arab protestors to aid in arresting rioters. Video: //

When you understand that all of these attacks and riots are stirred up by ongoing incitement by the EU- and UN-funded Palestinian Authority, and the media smear against Israel is also funded by foreign agents, it is clear that Israel must intensify its crackdown against the FIATs who incite against Israel. Their funding sources should be made fully transparent, a requirement they are fighting tooth and nail. FIATs are only operating to discredit Israel and put its sons on trial in the media. And the media is too lazy and left-leaning to reject produced clips from agents with an agenda.

Hypocrites such as the EU’s Ambassador to Jerusalem, Lars Faaborg-Andersen have the nerve to claim that the EU opposes BDS while paying out hundreds of thousands of shekels to delegitimize Israel. Our sons are willing to stand up for our country, but they should not be put in situations that are simply photo ops for terrorists and their fellow-travelers.

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