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Complete moron………

To quote Robert Conquest in describing her, she’s “impenetrable by fact”. She’s also an ideologue, she cannot let facts and reality to get in the way of her deep seated views.

Swedish deputy PM calls 9/11 an ‘accident’

A leading Swedish lawmaker pulled her own Trump-esque 9/11 gaffe on Tuesday, referring to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks as “accidents.”

Deputy Prime Minister Åsa Romson was heaping praise on a Green Party colleague’s work with Muslim groups, when she used the Swedish word “olyckor,” or accidents, to describe the day terrorists deliberately slammed jet planes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

“He has been chairman of Young Muslims in tough situations like the September 11 accidents and similar,” Romson told public broadcaster SVT’s show ”Gomorron Sverige” (“Good Morning Sweden”), according to the Local.

Her colleague, former Housing Minister Mehmet Kaplan, resigned his post Monday after comparing Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to Nazi oppression of Jews.

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