What’s key is who you’re educating.

muslim intergration

There’s lots of things Muslim migrants settlers (the very people Mandaeans are fleeing from) have learned in the ”old country”, misogyny, Jew hatred, tribalism persecution of minorities…. which they bring with them that just enriches the new host society.

NOTE: Once Sunni or Shiites become a major political force in the land, then these Mandaeans and everyone else will have a target on their backs. Something that future generations (if not already within a few years or decades) will have to contend with, thanks to this feckless, moronic generation.

Supplemental education: the key to integration

Supplemental education: the key to integration

Photo: Kalle Assbring

Thousands of highly-educated foreigners have come to Sweden in recent years – and many end up jobless. But the solution is simple. The Local speaks to an Iraqi teacher about the journey from refugee to integrated professional in Sweden.

Evan Albadry didn’t really plan on moving to Sweden. He didn’t have much of a choice.

“Our religious group, the Mandaeans, was prosecuted in Iraq, and we had cousins in Sweden,” he says.

When he arrived in October 2006, there weren’t many options available to him, and he started learning Swedish right away.

But Albadry, who had been a researcher and professor in Iraq, didn’t get his life as a working professional back for another five years.

“When you study SFI the employment agency requests that you do an internship,” Albadry tells The Local in flawless Swedish. “I applied for an internship at a local elementary school, and it was there – totally by chance – that I found out about the supplementary education programmes for foreigners.”

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