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So lets hope the Swedes take her at her word and reject Leftism in its entirety and statism in general.

NOTE:  reminds me about Mona: “A few years ago Mona Sahlin (S)  and former Foreign Minister Jan Eliasson (S) attended a demonstration where the flags of Hamas and Hezbollah fluttered in the wind. Large flags, fully visible. The swastika was also seen at the demonstration. Later during the protest meeting stacks of the Israeli flag were set on fire.

‘Why all of Sweden needs to fight extremism’

'Why all of Sweden needs to fight extremism'

Mona Sahlin. Photo: Maja Suslin/TT

Published: 26 Apr 2016 07:40 GMT+02:00

A 23-year-old young man, raised in central Rosengård in Malmö, is under arrest in Brussels on suspicion of being involved in the horrendous terrorist attacks on March 22nd.

Three hundred Swedes have travelled to Syria and Iraq to commit acts of terror. Most of them have been recruited by the terrorist cult Daesh. Several of these young people have thus made the final journey of their life. They have been killed in the hope of a one-way ticket to paradise. Others seem to have been given other jobs, such as committing acts of terror in Europe.

The effect of such acts was all too clear in Paris and Brussels. It’s the democratic society, our self-evident freedoms and rights, that are the target. The attacks are directed against our heart, in the sense that we should be afraid and experience the same horrors as the civilian populations in Syria and Iraq. No one is safe.

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