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Once again it’s yet another example of ideology (Marxism/leftism) trumping reason and logical thinking. 

Leftism is a curse to any representational government and to humanity as a whole. The truly committed (should be committed) couldn’t care less about history and human experience, everything must be fit to conform to their delusional world view. Leftist statism is the underlying destructive force, and it knows no racial, ethnic or religious bounds. Those who buy into it, end up sacrificing their own heritage to it.


The appointment of anti-Israel activist Simone Zimmerman as the Jewish Outreach Director for the Bernie Sanders campaign in New York has met with a great deal of controversy.

There’s no ambiguity whatsoever that Simone Zimmerman hates Israel.

Simone Zimmerman appears to have gotten in bed with JVP, a militantly anti-Semitic organization which views the Jewish community as “the enemy” and has defended terrorism against Jews. Simone Zimmerman has joined the JVP hate group in condemning attempts to fight campus anti-Semitism. In response to Hamas attacks on Israel, Simone Zimmerman said, “We think it’s important to understand the context of occupation”. And declared that she opposed the campaign against Hamas that began after the brutal murder of three Jewish teens by Hamas terrorists.

Simone Zimmerman retweets violently anti-Israel bigots, including Max Blumenthal, who has called for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Israel and helped inspire the Kansas City Jewish Community Center shooter, along with Hamas apologists like Glenn Greenwald and Yousef Munayyer.

And not to mention…

Last year, Zimmerman promoted a play called Martyr’s Street, whose plot compares an Israeli settler to a Hamas bomb-maker. While a student at Berkeley in 2012, she signed a letter criticizing the University of California system for issuing a report about anti-Semitism on UC campuses. The next year, Zimmerman wrote an op-ed calling on Hillel International, a national Jewish student organization, to sponsor campus events promoting the BDS movement, which seeks Israel’s destruction.

So we’re not discussing whether Simone Zimmerman hates Israel, but the specific accusation that she is supportive of BDS.

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