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TV comic cancels show amid diplomatic row with Turkey

TV comic cancels show amid diplomatic row with Turkey

TV comic Jan Böhmermann pictured in January. Photo: DPA

Published: 12 Apr 2016 11:14 GMT+02:00

Broadcaster ZDF told reporters on Tuesday that Thursday’s edition of Böhmermann’s show Neo Magazin Royale had been cancelled because of “massive public pressure”.

Regional newspaper Rheinische Post reported that Böhmermann is now under police guard at his home in Cologne.

“We are evaluating the current situation and are in contact with the security services,” a Cologne police spokesman told the newspaper.

Earlier on Tuesday, Chancellor Angela Merkel faced accusations she had made a “big mistake” by failing to support Böhmermann’s artistic freedom in the stand-off with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“It was a big mistake that is hopefully causing her pain,” Oliver Welke, presenter of Friday-night satirical news show “heute show”, told Bild.

Germany’s constitution guarantees “freedom of expression, academia and of course the arts,” Merkel emphasized in remarks on Tuesday.

“These values apply regardless of all the political problems that we discuss with each other. And that includes the issue of refugees,” the Chancellor said.

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Here’s Martin Himel showing how cartoonists fear portraying muslim leaders badly in comparison to how they treat Jews and Israeli leaders.

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