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Actually, it (Islam) should be relegated to the extreme periphery like communist/national socialism, with immigration quota systems focused on applicants outside the Islamic world.

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Wilders: preferably Islam should be forbidden in the Netherlands

In a parliamentary debate on the Brussels terror attacks by Muslims, PVV party leader Geert Wilders said that Islam is not a religion like Christianity.  He added that it is an extremist totalitarian ideology, its aim is not to integrate or to live together but to dominate society.  He said that preferably the constitution should be changed and Islam should be forbidden.  The representatives of several other parties disagreed with Wilders’ proposals.


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  1. “The representatives of several other parties disagreed with Wilders’ proposals.”

    Maybe the representatives of these other parties can show us where Muslims manage to get along with non-Muslims.

  2. It is already forbidden in the American constitution. Our bill of rights protects the individual from others who would try to impose or force their beliefs on others. It gives legal protections from assault and cruel and unusual treatment. And yet they claim they have constitution rights under freedom of religion (1st amendment). These islamist, at the same time, would like to claim they are above our constitution. I wonder why? They have tried every way they can think of to take over our country with their abominable cultist totalitarian political theocracy masquerading as a religion. It is way past time to ban islam and sharia law.

    1. We don’t ban communism and other totalitarian ideologies, I see little push to do the same with Islam. The freedom to discriminate against them however should be paramount.

      1. Communism and all other totalitarian ideologies also goes against our constitution. We should at least have a federal ban on sharia law and make sure we have separation of church and state to prevent totalitarian theocracy such as Islam/sharia law, Seven Mountain Dominion, or any other such cultist ideologies from ruling free people. We can separate church and state but we can never separate morals and state.

    2. What a brilliant reply…Lets hope it will apply,because from what I watch about America is all negative.Islam is a belief system.
      God Bless America.

  3. Unfortunately Greet is the level headed man in Netherlands. Europe is slipping to a total and bloody civil war. Prevention is better than cure. Ban Islam and that is the one and only possible way to prevent a catastrophe.

  4. Kudos to Wilders, the only politician with the guts to say which must be said… “Ban Islam”. There are 57 Islamic states in the world. There is no reason that the West must likewise submit.

  5. The West has lost its passion to live by its former Christian Code…secular atheism coupled with widespread pornography and hedonism has left a moral vacuum where virtue and heroism is passé only to be filled with medieval Islamic zealots!

  6. Its obvious.. This war-death cult has been taught to us by obola, and I am thankful he taught this intolerant hate to America… Now we know none of our politicians are against it.

    The worst is Gov Scumbag Dayton of MN using the police to protect them from retaliation from their seditious acts..

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