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That they let these jackals back into the country is a crime against the civil society.


SUPO: Islamic militants active within their own network in Finland

Security Police Senior Inspector Thomas Portaankorva says that members of the network are actively being monitored by SUPO.

A network of radical Islamists is forming in Finland, says the Security Police Senior Inspector Thomas Portaankorva

At least part of the network’s members returning from Syria’s war are ISIS fighters of Finnish origin.

Portaankorva did not disclose what kind of network activity there is, or whether it’s related to the planning of terrorist attacks. However, According to him, the persons being monitored include those who share similar values, Islamic radicalism. The fans of an ideology eager  for a global Islamic state, and they have been willing to use violence in their efforts.

According to Portaankorva, those belonging to the network are known and monitored by SUPO.

– So far, the network is of no immediate terrorist threat to safety in our country, Portaankorva estimates.

Part of those members active in the network are experienced jihadists who have learned a wide range of practical skills in the Syrian war zone.

Do they know how to produce home-made explosives?

– In general, I can say that the Syrian war returnees have accumulated all kinds of skills related to warfare, Portaankorva surmises.

SUPO’s data show that so far, about twenty foreign fighters in the war have returned to Finland .

SUPO does not reveal where in Finland radical network is activated.

However, Portaankorva states generally Finland doesn’t have any suburbs like Molenbeek-radicalization trouble spots in Brussels.

– Prevention of social exclusion from the population is one of the key means to combat radicalization and terrorism. However, is not possible for exclusion to completely prevent terrorist acts, as they are in the end, of human personal choice, the police Senior Inspector says.  H/T: 

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