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Pertti Salolainen is the politician who stated a few years ago in a discussion on Finnish state TV (YLE) on the pro-Israel lobby that “Jews control money and media in the US“: 

pertti salolainen anti-semitic smear on US Jews 30.11.2012

Now Blovious Ignoramus Maximus weighs in on what the Brits should do concerning leaving the EU, (I’m surprised he hasn’t brought the Joooos into the subject).

Pertti Salolainen: Brexit would jeopardize the future of the EU – the referendum should be moved


MP Pertti Salolainen believes that Britain should consider moving the EU referendum.LKS 20150428 The new parliament began its first session on the premises of the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki on Tuesday, April 28, 2015. ikäpresidentti of Parliament Pertti Salolainen served as the first President. Lehtikuva / Martti KainulainenPertti Salolainen. ( Lehtikuva / Martti Kainulainen )

Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Parliament,  Pertti Salolainen, believes that with the approach of the British referendum there have accumulated a lot of new unpredictable burdens which form the basis for moving the referendum.

According to Salolainen, the ruling Conservative Party is a lot more seriously broken than was originally assessed and in addition to party membership’s support of Prime Minister David Cameron’s position having been weakened by the Panama-papers crisis.

– The question really is not just Britain, but that Brexit would jeopardize the future of the entire EU region and could lead to increasing demands from member countries at the expense of co-operation, says Salolainen.

Salolainen feels what is important is the question of the TTIP free trade agreement negotiations with the EU. the the position would be weakened. The United States has already seriously warned about the UK’s departure.

The departure would be in the dimension of foreign and security policy, as the UK is the EU’s strongest military power. Salolainen recalls that the EU has initially established a strong European peace system.

– It is strange that Britain, which has suffered the tragic loss of two world wars, is now forgetting the importance of European unity. Russia, in turn, would be very pleased of the deterioration and fragmentation of the EU.

More here in Finnish

NOTE: EU hacks like Salolainen are feverishly trying to push the meme that “the EU itself has been responsible for securing peace in Europe for the past +60 years, and for the Brits to go their own way, would come at the expense of that peace.”

What sell out maroons (pseudo conservatives) like Salolainen would like you to forget, is that European security has been traditionally secured by NATO (US taxpayers), and that they (EU states) have been given a free ride with their security financial responsibilities to experiment with their socialist welfare states.

All that aside, the UK has no intention of leaving NATO, just the legislative tyranny of the EU (democratic despotism), and hand back to the people some measure of voter accountability. That’s something which a statist like Salolainen finds detestable.

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  1. The entire Left wants the vote moved…to “never”.

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