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Why do we need a ”Labor Minister” in the first place?

The central government shouldn’t be involved in the private sector other than in determining legislation that keeps the playing field equal (in just law). It fails miserably at it due to big government cronyism, which in the end chooses winners and losers. If government wasn’t as ubiquitous as it is today, there wouldn’t be a labor ministry and the economy would be allowed to right itself, and there wouldn’t be a systemic +200 000 unemployed in a population of 5.3 million.

NOTE: Statist government creates economic dislocation from its absurd financial, physical and social policies, then stands there dictating how it will solve them. Get out of the way dammit and let the society itself right all your wrongs.

Labour minister: Unemployed can use benefits to start companies, create jobs

On Monday the Minister of Justice and Labour Jari Lindström presented a few of the government’s unemployment benefit reform proposals. The reforms involve both the tightening and loosening of the programmes’ rules. He said that if implemented, the measures could help 10,000 unemployed people find work.

Jari Lindström

Minister of Justice and Labour Jari Lindström. Image: Yle

Nearly a week ago the government officially announced some of the programmes it has in mind to achieve its target of getting 110,000 unemployed people back to work. Some of the details began to emerge on Monday at a press conference with a presentation by Minister of Justice and Labour Jari Lindström.

Among other things, the proposed reforms to unemployment benefits include changes to how those euros can be spent.

Currently, the average unemployed person in Finland receives some 700 euros per month in support, but that money can only be spent on general living expenses, not for example, towards starting a business.

More here.

NOTE: Those who think the Finns Party is the answer to government problems, will only disappoint themselves, they’re as statist as the SDP and The Left, with only nuance in differences.

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