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It all depends upon sharia compliance and  whether the Muslim is engaged in stealth practices in order to strategically promote Islamic goals. Giving Islam a ‘modern face’.

This imam is the same one who tried to downplay the murder of homosexuals in Islam on Finnish national TV a few years ago.

abbas bahmanpour 30.10.2013

Islamic etiquette 

Imam Abbas Bahmanpour was asked in the paper about the customs of Finnish Muslims after controversy in Switzerland over a Syrian family’s asylum application, which was reportedly frozen because the family’s two teenage boys refused to shake a teacher’s hand.

“Islam has very strict chastity mandates, one being to avoid all physical contact with the opposite sex,” Bahmanpour says in Ilta-Sanomat. “The line is drawn clearly for clarity. Otherwise many might ask whether hugging is alright if handshakes are, if kissing is allowed if hugging is, and so on.”

Vice chair Pia Jardi of the Islamic Council of Finland says in the piece that Muslims hold different interpretations of the no-touching rule, and that following or refusing to follow Finnish greeting etiquette is a personal choice.

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  1. I don’t have a citation.
    Jews and Muslims have similar customs: women avoid shaking a man’s hand lest he become sexually aroused. In practice, as a Jew, I was taught that once someone extends a hand, you should respond according to the common practice of shaking someone’s hand. I don’t find the custom misogynistic.

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