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Yet another reason why your state needs to leave the EU……

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So a court outside of Denmark can dictate the immigration policy of the state. Worse yet, individual people (even state governments) outside the EU can dictate the immigration policy of any EU member state. Tyranny.

Danish family reunification laws illegal, EU rules

Danish family reunification laws illegal, EU rules

The court ruled that Denmark is illegally limiting the rights of Turkish workers to bring their families to Denmark. Photo: Søren Bidstrup/Scanpix

Published: 12 Apr 2016 11:29 GMT+02:00

The ruling was on a 2006 case in which Caner Genc, a young Turkish man who was 13 at the time, was denied family reunification on the grounds that he was not suitable for successful integration. His older brother’s were both successfully granted family reunification in 2003 to join their father Yasar Dogu Genc, who has lived and worked in Denmark since 1997.

The EU court in Luxembourg ruled on Tuesday that the young man’s rejection was a violation of the Ankara Agreement.

Danish immigration law limits Turkish residents’ rights to family reunification with their children if their applications are filed more than two years after the parent has been granted permanent residency. The EU court ruled that there is no reason to believe that integration should become more difficult after a two-year period and said that every individual family reunification case should include a concrete evaluation of the child’s ability to integrate.

The EU’s ruling on Denmark’s two-year rule is expected to have a principle effect on how the nation handles all family reunification applications from Turkish residents.

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  1. Come on! They all have the same DNA. How can you know who is their family?

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